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Current needs

This list was updated on the 10th of April 2021 at 15:24. A more up-to-date list may be available on our Facebook page.

Urgently needed

Clean empty Jam Jars (not ones that have contained anything spicy please)Hand sanitiser
Hot chocolate / HorlicksSavoury crackers
Small jelly / fruit potsSoft drinks / squash
Tomato sauce / brown sauce

Low on stock

Antibacterial wipesCook-in sauces - non-tomato
Evaporated milkFray Bentos pies
Fruit juice - long lifeJellies
Kitchen rollsLasagne sheets
Quick noodlesQuick pasta
Shampoo (unisex)Steamed puddings
Swiss roll (Molly's)Tinned vegetarian meals
Toilet rollsTuna pasta bake (packet sauce)
UHT milk

Well stocked

Angel delightBaby wash
Baby wipesBaked beans
BiscuitsCarrier bags
CerealCereal bars
Children’s toothpaste/toothbrushesChocolate bars / sweets
Chocolate snack barsCook-in sauces (tomato)
Corned beefCrisps
Cuppa soupDog food / cat food
Gluten free itemsHot dogs
Jam / peanut butterKids' healthy snacks, e.g., raisins
MarmiteMen's antiperspirant / deodorant
NappiesOlive oil (small)
PastaPot noodles
Quick riceReady Brek
Sanitary TowelsShower gel / shampoo (unisex)
Small size porridge (500g) or porridge potsSoap bars / liquid soap
Stock cubes / gravy granulesTampax
Tea / coffee (small)Tinned chicken meals
Tinned cold meat (not corned beef)Tinned fruit
Tinned meat mealsTinned other veg (e.g., carrots, green beans, mushrooms)
Tinned peasTinned potatoes / mash
Tinned pulses / other beansTinned rice pudding / custard
Tinned soup (not tomato)Tinned spaghetti
Tinned sweetcornTinned tomatoes
TissuesTomato soup
Tuna / other fishWashing up liquid
Women's deodorant/toiletries