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Current needs

This list was updated on the 1st of August 2021 at 08:37. A more up-to-date list may be available on our Facebook page.

Urgently needed

Angel delightCereal
Cereal barsChildren’s toothpaste/toothbrushes
CrispsDry dog food
Fray Bentos piesHot chocolate / Horlicks
Nappies size 5Olive oil (small)
Pot noodlesQuick noodles
Savoury crackersSmall jelly / fruit pots
Steamed puddingsSugar
Tinned chicken mealsTinned cold meat (not corned beef)
Tomato soupToothbrushes
UHT milkWomen's deodorant/toiletries

Low on stock

Baked beansBiscuits
Carrier bagsChocolare spread
Chocolate bars / sweetsCoffee (small size)
Corned beefDry cat food
Evaporated milkFruit juice - long life
Jelly powder packetsKitchen rolls
Lasagne sheetsMarmite
Mash potato packetsPacket sauces
Peanut butterQuick pasta
Ready BrekSanitary Towels
Soap bars / liquid soapSoft drinks / squash
Swiss roll (Molly's)Tinned custard
Tinned fruitTinned rice pudding / custard
Tinned soup (not tomato)Tinned spaghetti
Tinned sweetcornToilet rolls
Tuna / other fish

Well stocked

Antibacterial wipesBaby wash
Baby wipesChildren's shampoo
Chocolate snack barsClean empty Jam Jars (not ones that have contained anything spicy please)
Cook-in sauces (tomato)Cook-in sauces - non-tomato
Cuppa soupGluten free items
Hand sanitiserHot dogs
Household cleaning itemsJam / marmalade
Kids' healthy snacks, e.g., raisinsMen's antiperspirant / deodorant
Quick riceShampoo (unisex)
Shower gel / shampoo (unisex)Small size porridge (500g) or porridge pots
Stock cubes / gravy granulesTampax
Tea (small size)Tinned cat food
Tinned dog foodTinned meat meals
Tinned other veg (e.g., carrots, green beans, mushrooms)Tinned peas
Tinned potatoes / mashTinned pulses / other beans
Tinned tomatoesTinned vegetarian meals
TissuesTomato sauce / brown sauce
ToothpasteWashing up liquid
White lasagne sauce